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Billiard Balls

Worldwide Billiard Supplies has a Billiard Ball set for every billiards game out there. We supply quality billiard,
snooker & pool balls worldwide from our manufacturing facility.

With manufacturing facilities to draw from we can supply your business with a full range of Billiard, Snooker and Pool balls available in all sizes and grades. We also have a full range of Cue balls and No. 8 Balls available as well as other novelty items.

There are no limits to our manufacturing capabilities, manufacturing custom billiard balls to your specific requirements. Worldwide Billiard Supplies can put almost anything onto billiard balls so you can enjoy playing a game of billiards with your favorite teams emblem on the balls if you so desire.

Contact us today to arrange your next shipment of quality billiard balls at an excellent price!


To view our range of Billiard Balls use the Balls button above or click on the links below.

Pool Balls - Snooker Balls - Cue Balls - No 8 Balls - Russian Pyramid - Novelty Balls


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