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FSN Cloth

100% Wool FSN directional billiard cloth. It offers you quality at an excellent price.

For Snooker or Billiards enthusiast, FSN directional cloth will be sure to satisfy. This cloth is an ideal choice for surfacing any Billiard table as it gives a smooth flat playing surface that allows the ball to spin consistently and roll accurately.

FSN Cloth Characteristics:

FSN Cloth - 100% Wool Directional
Available in Green, Blue, Burgundy and many more
Cloth Size Width:
1.55m, 1.93m
Weight Thickness:
26oz / yard (61") 32oz / yard (78")
Roll Length approx:
42 - 48m.

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FSN Cloth - 100% Wool - Green

FSN Cloth - 100% Wool - Blue

FSN Cloth - 100% Wool - Burgundy

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